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Laid off? Need a job?

Maybe all you need is one of these. The makers of the silicone bracelets at left say they help you advertise yourself to potential employers wherever you go, banking on the “right place at the right time” philosophy. It sounds ...

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The newsroom on the TDR redesign

We’re pumped up about the redesigned paper this morning. It’s a project that’s been underway for months, and it demanded a strong effort from _everyone_ on staff to execute. And damn, we think it looks good. At a time when ...

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Take your rugrat to work?

Happy Take-Your-Child-to-Work day! So are there any children at your office this morning? I haven’t noticed any here, but we’re hardly a large enough company (locally, anyway) to have a special program. I remember attending a TYCTW day program (likely ...

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Lawyers and Bloggers

I was floored by the lede in Mark Penn’s Microtrends column on WSJ.com today. In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. …. OK, we’ve all recovered from the initial ...

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