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The waiting is the hardest part

You get the case.  Extremely defensible on both liability and damages. You take notes, call witnesses, plot strategy. You draft the responsive pleading and written discovery requests. You summarize your initial thoughts for the client. You do some research on ...

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Lt. Brendan Looney: Some give all

After I graduated college, I taught and coached at my high school alma mater, an all-male Catholic school in Hyattsville. It’s a special place primarily because a few dozen single-minded professionals have dedicated their lives to developing quality young men. ...

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Ready for some football

I’m a little worried about how excited I was for the start of the professional football season. When Thursday morning of the first game day feels like Christmas, you got problems. Apparently I’m not alone. The NFL’s TV ratings were ...

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The future is Messi

The Maryland Court of Appeals made national headlines recently for its ruling in Nefredo v. Montgomery County.  As you may recall, that’s the case where the court struck down a Montgomery County ordinance banning fortune tellers. The basis?  Violation of ...

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