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Author Archives: Jessica Markham

Has being a mother hurt me as a lawyer?

The American Bar Association recently published an article aimed at criticizing lawyer mothers. The implication of the article was that lawyer mothers are more distracted, tired, spread thin, bad at managing and less strategic about their career development as compared ...

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When law firm workplace cultures are abusive

With my involvement with the local bar association and my relationships with both older and younger attorneys at other firms, I’m in the fortunate position to be able to frequently discuss career development, mentoring, management and other nonlegal issues ancillary ...

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New habits in our post-COVID life

I asked my almost 8-year-old daughter what I should write about for an audience of a bunch of lawyers. She said, “How about: Spring is bringing excitement to lawyers.” Maybe I’m plumb out of ideas or maybe she’s a genius, ...

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What’s your tech stack?

I recently learned a new expression: “tech stack.” I am in several lawyer Facebook groups. Law firm owners. Law moms. Local lawyers. Statewide family lawyers. It’s almost amazing how different the attitudes and discourse are. In one of the groups ...

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‘Marketing’ advice for young attorneys

I was recently asked what I do for marketing. Actually, I get asked this quite often. For starters, no disrespect to my marketing friends out there, but I never think of what I do as marketing and I don’t much ...

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