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Doing the right thing at the Ottobar

The Baltimore Sun reported on Friday about the admirable actions of the Ottobar owners. The Ottobar is billed as “Baltimore’s premier venue for live sub-mainstream music.” Here’s what happened: at a show at the Ottobar about two years ago, a ...

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Slaying the time vampire

If I had one superpower, it wouldn’t be flying, invincibility, x-ray vision or retractable adamantium claws (how practical is that, really?). The one superpower that beats all others is the ability to control the space-time continuum.  First, we Star Trek ...

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The ‘I Love Me’ Wall

Today begins week three of my new job as an associate at Plaxen & Adler, P.A. So far, I’ve brought very little of my old office with me — my Levenger editor’s desk (which I bought about 10 years ago), ...

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Using PowerPoint at trial

It’s been a busy week at our firm. Rod Gaston and I just finished a three-day trial in Baltimore County Circuit Court (made special because it was Judge Jan Alexander’s first time overseeing a jury trial since his promotion to ...

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