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Fear of Delegation

Probably the toughest part of being a new lawyer is learning when and how to delegate. Like the business side of practicing law, this is one thing that law schools do not prepare you for. It can be even more ...

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Trial Binders

When I was a brand-new associate, I was working with two other very experienced lawyers (Rob Jenner and Ben Glass) on a wrongful death case. We represented the family of a man who was driving home to Virginia from an Orioles game.

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Cell Phones and Juror Misconduct in Maryland's Courts

The news and blogosphere has been chock-full of stories the past year about social networking in the courtrooms.  There have been incidents of witnesses receiving text messages while giving testimony, and jurors posting status updates while in the jury box ...

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Win Some, Lose Some

Jury trials are scary. But, the first years of my career (an experience I treasure), they were few and far between (and, I was never higher than 3rd chair).    I recently took a position at Miller & Zois, where ...

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