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Automate your life

The best part of computers is automation. Automation is great because it is a time saver — I can do something once, and program it to happen automatically in the future. It’s also great because it prevents me from forgetting ...

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Do I need a lawyer?

I’m aware of most of my professional limitations. When cases come in, I’m able to determine quickly whether it is something I can handle on my own, whether I need to associate with someone else, or whether it’s something I ...

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Fun with pleadings

My Type A personality usually comes out when I have to deal with electronic pleadings.  I have a specific way I like pleadings to be done — from the caption to the paragraphs to the page numbering.  If it is ...

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Trial ‘victories’

I had the privilege last week of carrying the briefcase for my senior partner, Bruce Plaxen. In a Prince George’s County trial we represented a woman who was injured when an undercover police car, driven by an off-duty police officer, ...

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