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Market resetting after Pier Homes auction

One week after an auction of waterfront condos at Pier Homes, prices for the remaining 22 units in the Baltimore luxury development have been reset, starting at $625,000. The new prices, like the units that sold last week, are well ...

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Report: Small uptick in local job market, office occupancies

As job and real estate figures begin to post for the second quarter of the year, the operative word describing the local and regional economy remains the same: Cautious. “The second half appears to be better than the first half, ...

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Resetting luxury – Some units in Pier Homes auction are 75% off

On Monday, the auction gavel will signal the opening of a unique era in Baltimore real estate. A dozen luxury units at Pier Homes on the waterfront off Key Highway are scheduled to be offered at prices up to 75 ...

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Anne Balcer Norton leaving St. Ambrose for new job at DLLR

Anne Balcer Norton’s desk in the small office of a nonprofit in Barclay has been a gloomy front-row seat to the collapse of the housing bubble in Baltimore and its subsequent fallout on thousands of the city’s low and middle-income ...

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Renewal plans for Oldtown community still in limbo

Less than a month after a master plan for the Oldtown community was approved by the Baltimore Planning Commission, questions remain about the future about the 12-acre property located in one of the city’s oldest communities. The May 28 master ...

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Cecil County eager for its new casino

At Jumbo Jimmy’s Crab Shack and Tiki Bar, less than five miles from the site of the new Hollywood Casino Perryville, patrons sit at the bar and sip beverages, savoring a quiet country life in Cecil County that’s soon about ...

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