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Women under-represented in venture capital industry

If you’re looking for a business that rivals the National Football League for being male-dominated, you could hardly do better than the venture capital industry — or the companies it funds. Study after study has confirmed this, but to cite ...

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Female-heavy leadership team expands mission of health-care nonprofit

Keswick GroupMF15

At Keswick Multi-Care Center the glass ceiling hasn’t just been cracked, it’s been obliterated. Almost the entire leadership team of the 130-year-old, Baltimore-based nonprofit health-care organization is female, including the president and CEO, the chief financial officer, the director of ...

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Md. banks rush to transform branches

PNC's revamped North Charles Street branch, which opened in March of last year, has been dubbed by the company as the "branch of the future." (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

From the outside, the free-standing building on North Charles Street looks like any other bank: one-story and boxy, plenty of windows, fairly small. But step inside and you know immediately that this is not your typical bank. The lobby is ...

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How much should businesses spend on IT?

oday, all but the smallest businesses have a budget line item that few companies of any size had 20 or 30 years ago: IT spending. But while IT spending has become virtually universal, business technology experts say most companies aren’t getting it right. Too many, they say, are either not spending enough, not spending wisely — or both.

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More law firms use alternative fee arrangements

A couple of years ago, Whiteford Taylor & Preston, one of Maryland’s largest law firms, decided to offer clients alternatives to paying their bills by the hour. Since then, business is up, their attorneys are busier and officials with the Baltimore-based, general practice law firm are convinced they made the right decision.

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Criminal justice programs thrive in Maryland

“Most schools in Maryland, if not all, offer criminal justice curriculum,” said Patrick Bradley, chairman of the criminal justice and legal studies department at the University of Maryland University College. “It’s a very popular area.”

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Vicki Brick: From salesperson to CEO at Brick Bodies

From left, Vicki Brick, Victor Brick and Lynne Brick, stand their Padonia Road Brick Bodies Fitness Club. (The Daily Record/Maximilian Franz)

When Vicki Brick returned to Baltimore nine years ago after spending a couple of years playing pro basketball in Australia, she found herself living at home again with only a part-time job. Her parents, being parents, offered her a position in their business, Brick Bodies Inc. She said no. “The prospect of working with my parents and having anything to do with their business was the exact opposite of anything I wanted to do,” she recalled. But Victor and Lynne Brick persisted. Nine years later, both Vicki and her parents are delighted she changed her mind.

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Experts reveal tips to avoid estate taxes

Some call it tax avoidance; others prefer the term tax compliance. By whatever name, finding ways to ensure that more of your assets go to your heirs and less to the government is a popular industry.

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