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Author Archives: Ryan S. Perlin

Precedence and persuasiveness of Maryland circuit court decisions

The subject of this post is a local variation on a question posed by Professor Eugene Volokh in a recent post titled, District Court Opinions Precedential Within the Same District? His post cited Kerr v. Hurd, (S.D. Ohio Mar. 15, ...

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Lindsay Lohan is a plaintiff, though she may not know it

Perhaps even more than online investing, E*Trade has become famous for its talking baby commercials, now a Super Bowl staple.  Though there have been some memorable installments over the years (see, e.g., “why don’t you try reading the rules shankopotomus“), ...

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Westlaw is a Gateway Drug

I once accidentally spent $1,800 to find out if South Carolina was a comparative negligence state. I was a summer associate working at a small local law firm during the summer of my second year in law school. A partner ...

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Conveyor Belt of Blogs

As I sit at my computer drafting this blog entry, my television is tuned to the ABC network and a television show called Conveyor Belt of Love. Not just a clever name, the show involves five women sitting in chairs ...

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