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Off the Record with Sloane Brown: Billy Murphy; Murphy, Falcon & Murphy

William “Billy” H. Murphy Jr. and Sloane Brown

William “Billy” H. Murphy, Jr., senior partner at the Baltimore-based law firm Murphy, Falcon & Murphy, joins Sloane Brown to talk about how his family history shaped him as a person, as an attorney and a former judge, and as a prominent civil rights advocate.

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When should employees come back to small businesses?  (access required)

As more people are venturing out of their homes and into public spaces, many small businesses may be wondering when to bring back employees that were furloughed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The decision depends on the type of ...

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Passion In Action: Finding freedom on the water

  I am a rower and if you know any of us, you know that many people consider us to be a little crazy. We get up before the sun rises and put in an hour or more of intense ...

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Maryland Strong: How Route One Apparel pivoted during the pandemic

Whether they grew up or moved here, many residents love to show their pride for the state of Maryland. One of the most popular ways to show their affection is through clothing. Maybe it’s wearing a Maryland flag scarf around ...

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