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Kristen M. Mack


Kristen M. Mack Associate Attorney Brown & Barron LLC Kristen Mack overcame a hard past, raising her younger brother while their father battled addiction. She gained independence from her family at 15, became a star college basketball player and then ...

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Erika Lopez-Finn


Erika Lopez-Finn Business Intelligence Analyst Amazon Web Services Erika Lopez-Finn joined Amazon Web Services as a Business Intelligence Analyst in June. She provides data analysis to accelerate public sector cloud adoption at the state and local level. Previously, she spent ...

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Jennifer L. Kouo, Ph.D.


Jennifer L. Kouo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Visiting Research Professor, Founder Towson University, University of Maryland, College Park, EduCoLab LLC Jennifer Kouo’s mission to gain support for the one in 59 children with autism spectrum disorder extends beyond Towson University where ...

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Christa Kerrigan, AIA


Christa Kerrigan, AIA Partner Waldon Studio Architects In fewer than nine years, Christa Kerrigan has risen from an entry-level designer to partner at Waldon Studio Architects, where she champions fair pay and parental leave policies for staff. “I am driven ...

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Kayleigh Keilty


Kayleigh Keilty Attorney Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr Touting a lifelong knack for solving problems, Kayleigh Keilty said she rolls up her sleeves whenever she can, helping charities throughout Baltimore and fighting hard as an attorney for Saul Ewing Arnstein ...

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Anika S. Jones


Anika S. Jones Direct & Client Litigation Attorney Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC Growing up under sometimes adverse conditions in Brooklyn, New York, Anika Jones learned from her parents that, as she puts it, “current circumstances do not dictate future ...

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Jaimee C. Holmes


Jaimee C. Holmes Attorney/CEO Law Office of Jaimee C. McDowell As a one-person law firm based in Waldorf, Jaimee Holmes juggles a variety of legal cases, everything from criminal cases to family matters such as custody and divorce to personal ...

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Lakisha Greenwade


Lakisha Greenwade Founder Wearable Tech Ventures Inc. Ask LaKisha Greenwade what makes her stand out from her peers and her answer is succinct: “I’m a new-age fashionista techie who knows what fits her and lives life on my own terms.” ...

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Elizabeth r. Paal Goss


Elizabeth r. Paal Goss Financial Planner Heritage Financial Consultants LLC In her work as a financial planner with Valley-based Heritage Financial Consultants, Elizabeth Paal Goss helps families and individuals — millennials, especially — navigate thorny financial issues. In what she ...

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Melissa Goldmeier


Melissa Goldmeier Assistant County Solicitor Howard County Office of Law Asked about her most significant professional accomplishment, attorney Melissa Goldmeier recalls a couple of cases that she won. In one case, the losing plaintiff complimented her work; after the other, ...

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