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Rosen and Montanio: MOC programs under attack

While not required to practice medicine, voluntary board certification in a specialty has progressively become expected, with patients, employers, hospitals and insurers looking to the board certification to determine the perceived competency of the doctor. Doctors that do not obtain, ...

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What was your path: Melinda B. Peters

Melinda B. Peters Partner, RK&K How did you choose your career path? I always did well in math and science in school. I had a great guidance counselor in high school who encouraged me to consider engineering for my major. ...

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Path to Excellence innovation exhibitor spotlight: BrickRose Exchange

Women-owned businesses continue to grow in Maryland. The Daily Record wants to showcase some of them through the Path to Excellence Networking series. If you have a business that provides goods or services targeted to professional women and have been in business for ...

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Tech Tip: Maximize your drive time

Janice Tippett

What do you usually do during your commute? Whether you’re battling Monday morning gridlock or heading to a client meeting across town, it can easily feel like you’re wasting time. Instead of grumbling in frustration or absent-mindedly scanning the radio ...

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Maryland manufacturers seeing mixed impact from tariffs

Maryland manufacturers are anxious whether protracted U.S. trade disputes on tariffs and quotas will continue to impact their revenues and future planning. Some are hurting. Others benefiting. Others are coasting through on federal exceptions. All are in the shadow of ...

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MD MEP helping lead change in manufacturing

Manufacturing is certainly changing in Maryland and the spearhead of change is high tech, according to Michael Kelleher, executive director of the state’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MD MEP). “There has been a resurgence of interest in what is manufacturing in ...

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Early mediation: Obstacles to efficiency

How often have you filed or defended a case that you knew ought to be settled out of the gate, but it just does not happen? How often does your case settle after the close of expensive and ultimately wasteful ...

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Barry F. Levin

Barry F. Levin Managing Partner and CEO Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP When Barry F. Levin was named Managing Partner and CEO of Saul Ewing in 2014, he was the first individual to be named to the top position ...

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Michael J. Martirano

Michael J. Martirano Superintendent Howard County Public School System Growing up, Michael J. Martirano faced a number of challenges. He was a child of poverty. His mother died when he was 10 and he was placed in foster care for ...

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