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Author Archives: Virginia Lawyers Weekly

4th Circuit hears arguments on gag deals in police settlements

RICHMOND — A federal appeals court heard arguments Wednesday on the constitutionality of nondisclosure agreements in Baltimore Police Department settlements, which advocates claim unduly restrict speech and limit public access to information about police brutality. Attorneys for the city told ...

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Va. judge orders grand jury for ‘Love Locks’ case

RICHMOND – A group of Norfolk jurors may decide whether rusty locks on a pedestrian bridge would justify a court-ordered remedy. A Norfolk circuit judge says under a 1919 law, he will impanel a special grand jury to determine whether ...

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Use of stars’ photos was fair use, judge rules

  RICHMOND – A political organization that used two photographs of famous musicians on its website – without credit to the photographer – was not liable to the lensman despite a creative commons license that required attribution, a federal judge ...

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Va. lawyer tries to pick Norfolk’s ‘love locks’

    RICHMOND – Armed with a nearly century-old statute and pressing for a special grand jury, a Hampton Roads lawyer hopes to get the city of Norfolk to remove dozens of so-called “love locks” clamped onto a historic pedestrian ...

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College student suspended for Facebook post settles suit

RICHMOND – Colleges have become frequent litigation targets for students who disagree with disciplinary penalties. A recent, short-lived lawsuit against Virginia Tech focused not on personal injury, however, but on social media behavior. A student claimed Virginia Tech officials violated ...

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Lawyers and the risk of compassion fatigue

RICHMOND – When your work puts you close to victims of abuse and pain, you can find yourself becoming victimized as well, mental health experts warn. For lawyers in certain fields of practice, part of the job can be finding ...

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