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Jan 11, 2016

Hungry Harvest scores $100,000 from TV sharks

A local company that delivers ugly-looking produce to its customers — the less-than-aesthetically-appealing-but-nonetheless-perfectly-edible stuff that retailers might just toss out — secured a $100,000 investment from TV’s ‘Shark Tank.” Co-founder and CEO Evan Lutz appeared on an episode of the ABC program Friday, where he sought a $50,000 investment (for a 5 percent stake) [...]

Jan 8, 2016

Driverless cars, Internet of Things and drones: Trends of CES 2016

Frank Gorman of Gorman & Williams is at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Previously, he gave an overview of this year’s expo. Today, he’s highlighting some of the trends. CES 2016 presented several innovative technologies that have moved beyond novelty and gadgetry to “trends” toward change that will affect markets and the way we live. […]

Jan 8, 2016

Medifast to offer sports nutrition line, rings bell at NYSE

Medifast is moving into the “sports nutrition space” this year by offering a line of shakes and bars, said Chairman and CEO Michael MacDonald. Owings Mills-based Medifast will be partnering with a major university and a sports company — MacDonald won’t say who yet — on the project; a formal announcement is expected later this […]

Jan 7, 2016

More than just electronics at CES

CES 2016 shows increasing exhibitor diversity – beauty products, video streaming services, original video content producers, and automobile manufacturers to list a few.

Jan 6, 2016

Hopkins School of Ed. dean headed to West Coast

The dean of the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education is leaving to become president of National University in San Diego. David W. Andrews has been dean at Hopkins since 2010, and under his tenure the School of Education earned top marks from U.S. News and World Report two years in a row and averaged […]

University of Maryland College Park Campus. MF-D 8/31/06.
Jan 5, 2016

UMD study finds racial bias in celebrity violence coverage

What’s the difference between Chris Brown and Charlie Sheen? Both were charged with domestic violence in 2009, but while Brown earned a reputation as an abuser, reports of Sheen’s violent behavior toward women got far less attention in news articles, according to a new study. Race may be the cause. A researcher at the University […]

Jan 4, 2016

S&P 500 down in 2016’s first stock trading

With problems in the China markets today, the S&P 500 Index was down 2.7 percent today, MarketWatch reported. The stocks hit the hardest today spanned a range of industries with the worst decline coming from the fashion accessories industry. Fossil Group Inc. saw a 7.2 percent decrease as of 11:25 a.m. All but 19 stocks […]

Dec 29, 2015

Ugly-produce company to appear on “Shark Tank”

Evan Lutz hates good-looking fruits and vegetables. Next month, we’ll see if the sharks do, too. Lutz is the CEO of the Columbia-based Hungry Harvest, a company that buys up surplus produce — the ugly, but perfectly edible stuff that often gets thrown away without being sold — and delivers it to subscribers in metropolitan […]

Dec 22, 2015

Chocolate milk from super cows helps brains, apparently

A Maryland company that markets a high-protein, high-calcium drink to help athletes recover after workouts says its product helps people improve cognitive and motor function, even after they suffer concussions. And just what is this wondrous libation? Chocolate milk from “super, natural cows.” Or so says Fifth Quarter Fresh, the Keedysville company that makes the […]

Dec 21, 2015

Under Armour unveils all-America football uniforms

Under Armour has unveiled custom uniforms for the All-America Football Game which will feature more than 90 of the nation’s best senior high school football players. The uniforms are designed as an homage to the early days of Under Armour, according to a press release. The red striping on the helmet is dedicated to Under […]

Dec 17, 2015

Study: Moustaches outnumber women among medical school leaders

A novel study of U.S. medical school leadership has found that women are not only outnumbered by men, they are outnumbered by moustaches. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California teamed up to highlight sex disparities in the field, and choose moustaches as a point of comparison because of their relative […]

Dec 16, 2015

Under Armour Star Wars line now includes women’s and girls’ apparel

After disappointing female fans last month by not offering clothing for women and girls in its latest “Star Wars” apparel line, Under Armour has delivered on a promise to make space thriller-themed items for females. With the “new arrival” label, Under Armour has released five t-shirts designs in women and girls sizes. The line still […]

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