Jul 10, 2000

Thurmont Readies for Another Close-Up View of Camp David History

The doorway of Thurmont Sporting Goods opens onto nearly six decades of presidential history.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Situated midway between Camp David, the mountaintop retreat Franklin D. Roosevelt established in 1942, and Maple Run Golf Course, where President Clinton sometimes plays, the unassuming bait shop at 4 East Main offers four kinds of worms and a front-row view of world leader[...]

Jul 10, 2000

The Economy: Looking at the State of the Economy at Mid-Year 2000

Midway through the first year of the new millennium, the U. S. economy continues to rack up consecutive quarters of economic growth. In six months we will ring in the year 2001 and enter the tenth year of expansion. Our economy is heading toward a landing that Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan hopes will be soft rather than hard.

Jul 10, 2000


Manugistics Moves Into Government Markets With the appointment ofManugistics Group, Inc., a leading global provider of intelligent supply chain solutions for enterprises and evolving eBusiness trading networks, to the U.S. General Services Administration’s (GSA) approved list of vendors, Manugistics is executing a strategic move into federal government markets, the company announced today. F[...]

Jul 10, 2000

Smokers’ Attorney Asks for up to $196 Billion

Smokers in a landmark class-action case asked a jury for a record-shattering $196 billion yesterday to punish the tobacco industry for “a half-century trail of deceit which has decimated millions of Americans.”<@SM><@SM><TAB>“Never have so few caused so much harm to so many for so long, and the day of reckoning has arrived,” attorney Stanley Rosenblatt sai[...]

Jul 10, 2000

Martin Airport Marks 25th Year as State Facility, Corporate Jet Haven

Aviation buffs and state transportation officials will gather at Martin State Airport today to commemorate its 25th anniversary as a state-owned general aviation facility.<@SM><@SM><TAB>The airport

Jul 10, 2000

It’s Summer, and Meatpackers Wage War Against Killer E. Coli

Summer is here, and so is E. coli. At this time of the year as many as one of every four cattle being herded into Excel Corp.’s slaughterhouse and others like it may harbor the deadly human pathogen.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Before this plant’s meat reaches consumers, the cattle and their carcasses will be put through a state-of-the-art system of scrubbing, washes, rinses and st[...]

Jul 10, 2000

EU Says Microsoft Agrees to Limit Investment in Britain

Microsoft Corp. has agreed to limit its investment in British cable television provider Telewest Communications PLC after the European Commission objected to its original plan to take a controlling stake.<@SM><@SM><TAB>The huge software maker will buy a 23.7 percent stake in Telewest for about $3 billion but no longer plans to take control in partnership with AT&T Corp.

Jul 10, 2000

Jobs Up — and Banks Too&ne;

The drop in the nation’s unemployment rate for June provides further evidence of a slowing economy and might help banks with higher loan demand if the Federal Reserve abstains from imposing further increases in interest rates, economists say.<@SM><@SM><TAB>The U.S. Department of Labor announced Friday that unemployment fell to 4 percent, down from 4.1 percent in May, but sl[...]

Jul 10, 2000

Supreme Court to Review Suit Over Surgery Screws for Spinal Surgery

<TAB>The Supreme Court agreed recently to consider killing a lawsuit in which more than 5,000 people accuse a company of fraudulently winning federal approval for marketing bone screws for use in spinal surgery.<@SM><@SM><TAB>The court said it will decide whether federal regulation of medical devices precludes such a lawsuit.

Jul 10, 2000

The Pitch: That Wiggly Jiggly Jello-O, Once Silly, Is Now Serious Stuff

Watch it wiggle. Watch it jiggle. Now go to your room without dessert.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Once hawked as a colorful, shimmering treat for kids, Jell-O is becoming into something slightly more utilitarian.<@SM><@SM>A series of austere, black-and-white magazine ads tout the famous gelatin snack as a weight-loss method, a quick-fix baking good, a fat-free sweet substitute [...]

Jul 10, 2000

Gore, Bush Visits to Conferences This Week Put Spotlight on Baltimore

Two national conferences this week will draw the top two presidential candidates and other national leaders to Baltimore, spotlighting a city long in the shadow of neighboring Washington, D.C.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush will speak at the 91st annual National Convention of the NAACP, which began yesterday and runs through Thursday.

Jul 10, 2000

General Accused of Sexually Harassing Army’s High-Ranking Woman to Retire

The two-star general accused of sexually harassing the Army’s highest-ranking woman has asked to retire, officials said Friday. The move apparently closes a case that drew widespread attention and had already cost Maj. Gen. Larry Smith an appointment to be the Army’s deputy inspector general.

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