The Pitch: That Wiggly Jiggly Jello-O, Once Silly, Is Now Serious Stuff

Watch it wiggle. Watch it jiggle. Now go to your room without dessert.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Once hawked as a colorful, shimmering treat for kids, Jell-O is becoming into something slightly more utilitarian.<@SM><@SM>A series of austere, black-and-white magazine ads tout the famous gelatin snack as a weight-loss method, a quick-fix baking good, a fat-free sweet substitute — anything but frivolous and zany.<@SM><@SM>Philip Morris Cos.’ Kraft unit, which makes Jell-O, says the food is still amusing. It’s “fun, delicious and a little surprising,’’ says Kraft’s Margery Schelling, the category business director for Jell-O . “For the first time’’ she adds, people are “thinking about Jell-O in a whole new light.’’<@SM><@SM>The print ads — which run in women- and food-oriented magazines — crow less about Jell-O’s fun, and more about its functionality. After all, Americans have consumed Jell-O since the late 1890s, and the name now encompasses 158 different products, ranging from puddings to cakes to c

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Thurmont Readies for Another Close-Up View of Camp David History

The doorway of Thurmont Sporting Goods opens onto nearly six decades of presidential history.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Situated midway between Camp David, the mountaintop retreat Franklin D. Roosevelt established in 1942, and Maple Run Golf Course, where President Clinton sometimes plays, the unassuming bait shop at 4 East Main offers four kinds of worms and a front-row view of world leaders passing through the town of 5,200.

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Secret Government Database Keeps Tab on Doctors’ Problems

In a database kept secret from patients, the government has recorded the names of nearly 500 doctors and dentists across the country who have been slapped with at least 10 disciplinary actions and malpractice payments over the last decade.<@SM><@SM><br /><br />One of every seven U.S. doctors and one of every eight dentists has at least one malpractice payment or disciplinary report in the National Practitioners Data Bank, which the Department of Health and Human Services has been compiling since 1990.

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