NATION’S HOUSING: Move On to Remedy Mortgage Reform That Left Out FHA Homebuyers

<TAB>When Congress passed legislation two years ago giving millions of homeowners the right to have their monthly mortgage insurance premium payments cancelled, it was hailed as a major new advance for consumers. <@SM><@SM><TAB>But one large group of home buyers — young, urban, and often minority — was left out of that reform: people with Federal Housing Administration mortgages. Now an effort has begun on Capitol Hill to remedy that omission, and to give FHA mortgage borrowers across the country the same rights as those in the private mortgage market.

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Justices Review Ban on LSC’s Role In Challenging Welfare Reform Law

<TAB>The Supreme Court will decide whether the government’s money can be used to challenge its own welfare reform laws.<@SM><@SM><TAB>A law Congress passed in 1996 bars federally funded Legal Services Corp. lawyers from assisting a poor client’s challenge to the 1996 welfare overhaul. The same client could get free legal help on matters such as child custody, unemployment benefits and bankruptcy.

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Britain’s Classic Mini — Tiny Auto Icon — Ends Its 41-Year Run

<TAB>The Mini, a boxy pup of a car that wowed the Beatles and came to symbolize the Swinging Sixties, entered automotive history when the last of its 41-year pedigree — No. 5,387,862 — rolled off the production line this week.<@SM><@SM><TAB>Conceived as a thrifty “people’s car” during a 1950s fuel crisis, the 10-foot-long Mini earned the devotion of legions of British baby boomers eager to flaunt their individuality.

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