<b><u>Fostering Senator-Constituent Interaction</u></b><@SM><@SM><i>BBGM, Coakley and Williams Design State-of-the-Art Senate Office Building</i><@SM><@SM><TAB>The Washington office of <b>Brennan, Beer, Gorman, and Monk/Architects and Interiors</b> (BBGM) and <b>Coakley & Williams Construction Co.</b> recently were selected as the design team for the new <b>Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. Senate Office Building</b> in Annapolis.

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<b><u>Competitive Prices and Info to Boot</u></b> <@SM><@SM><i>By Offering More Than Online Shopping, CycleShark.com Attracts More VC Funds</i><@SM><@SM>[IMGCAP(1)]<i>CycleShark.com</i>, a Baltimore-based online retailer of motorcycle parts and accessories has received a second investment from <b>Sandler Capital</b>, a New York-based venture capital firm.

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Small Business

<TAB>Your company is looking for a financial officer, or maybe someone to upgrade and run your computer system. Do you go low-tech, and place an ad in a newspaper or call a recruiting firm&ne; Or do you join the growing number of companies that do their employee searching online&ne;

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