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Video series

Dionne Joyner-Weems: ‘You control your story’

Dionne Joyner-Weems is a marketing professional who helped lead Baltimore’s marketing efforts for years, first as an account executive for a local advertising agency and then at Visit Baltimore in various roles, including vice president of marketing and community affairs. ...

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Alphonso Mayo: ‘We’re not looking to be saved, we’re looking to collaborate’

Alphonso Mayo launched his nonprofit, Mentoring Mentors, to help underserved black kids from Baltimore build positive relationships that lead to success in life. As executive director of that nonprofit, Mayo, however, found a culture among the city’s charitable organizations that ...

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Durryle Brooks: Helping young people ‘use their voice’

Durryle Brooks grew up in Baltimore’s Cherry Hill neighborhood not only negotiating the challenges associated with being a Black man in the U.S. but the trials stemming from being a gay in a conservative religious environment. After earning degrees, including ...

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Danielle Torain: ‘You’re talking about your own folks’

Danielle Torain grew up in Baltimore, and her career included work in the mayor’s office before taking over as the executive director of the Open Society Institute Baltimore early in 2020. Having young people of color in positions leading organizations, ...

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Off the Record with Sloane Brown: Todd Marks, Mindgrub

In this installment of Off The Record, Sloane Brown speaks with Todd Marks, CEO of Mindgrub, about how the company has grown, how it has helped other businesses since the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the company advocates for digital equality.

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