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Millennials, Gen Xers can learn from the other


In today’s divisive world, media outlets and influencers have taken to pitting different generations against each other – for instance, the rise of “OK Boomer” mocks the baby boomer generation and “snowflake” puts down sensitive millennials. Rather than creating a ...

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Md. judicial elections and diversity


  For far too long, black Americans and other marginalized groups have suffered under a legal system designed to deny fair and impartial outcomes. Particularly in the criminal system, judicial diversity is critical to achieving a fairer system. For many, ...

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We cannot wait for climate action


In January, Maryland Dels. Lorig Charkoudian and David Fraser-Hidalgo and Sen. Ben Kramer announced a bill that would put a price on pollution and fund education and renewable energy. The proposal would charge a fee on fossil fuels at their ...

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