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Ruling upends Muslim marriage tradition


In the consolidated appeals of Nouri v. Dadgar and Ghazirad v. Mojarrad, 245 Md. App. 324 (2020), the Court of Special Appeals enunciated a new stringent standard to apply to enforcement of an agreement  involving a “mahr,” the promise of ...

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How to navigate the use of remote video in nonjury trials


Welcome to the world of nonjury trials by use of remote video, where the judge, witness, examining lawyer(s), witness’ lawyer, and court reporter are each in separate locations. There may be occasions when the judge and limited staff are in ...

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Top 10 tips for brief writing


A good brief writer starts with a solid skeleton and, after putting flesh on the bones, edits the document to tighten and simplify. What you ultimately file should be easy on the eyes and even easier on the brain.  Here ...

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When indecision rules


Months ago, I can recall optimists speculating that COVID-19 and its vast economic damage would be winding down by Memorial Day. They just failed to specify which Memorial Day. Meanwhile, in the M&A environment, we’ve seen the majority of qualified ...

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Body cameras don’t make police more accountable


The death last spring of George Floyd has led to calls for greater accountability for police, appeals that are both reasonable and familiar. One way departments have responded to earlier such demands, following similar such incidents, has been to adopt ...

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Housing on a level playing field

Joe Nathan Big

ack the 1960s, at another time when the nation was reckoning with issues of race and racism, a series of landmark laws were passed: the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ending segregation in places of public accommodation and barring discrimination ...

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5G technology is Maryland’s future


While the way we communicate, work and live has evolved in recent years, the rate of change has accelerated dramatically in the last few months. The novel coronavirus has forced us to stay home and revealed just how much we ...

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Can you trust your mobile payment app?


Money transfer apps including Venmo, Cash App and PayPal have surged in popularity during the pandemic as people seek safe, contactless ways to send and receive money. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the limitations of these payment platforms or how ...

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Rosen and Coppel: Medicaid, Medicare provider agreements in bankruptcy


Under applicable law, when a health care provider assigns a Medicare or Medicaid provider agreement as part of the health care provider’s sale of assets, the purchaser of those assets will have to assume liability for the amounts owed to ...

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Tips for conducting post-trial juror interviews


To be a fly on a wall during a jury deliberation is perhaps a dream for most attorneys. While on some level this dream can be achieved through jury research, including focus groups and mock trials, the inner workings of ...

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