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The Daily Record welcomes letters to the editor and opinion columns on public policy issues that affect Maryland businesses and the legal community. Letters to the editor should be 300 words or less. Columns can be up to 800 words. All are subject to editing for length or clarity. Submissions must include the writer’s name, address and a daytime phone number for confirmation. They can be sent to Editor Thomas Baden Jr. at

Holding a successful virtual fundraising event

In this continued era of social isolation, nonprofit organizations have to deal with the unanticipated need to raise funds by adapting their major in-person events. Creative migration  to Zoom, Google Hangouts and similar virtual approaches are now a necessary way ...

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How bankruptcy restructures debt

“Restructure debt” describes what bankruptcy can do and is one of the primary benefits of Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Code contains several provisions that form the framework to allow for debt restructuring.  11 U.S.C. § 507 prioritizes ...

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How to fight coronavirus vaccine phobia

The world is soon likely to confront a serious new challenge to the fight against COVID-19: vaccine hesitancy. In the U.S. and U.K., large numbers of people — at least 30 percent — have said in recent surveys that they ...

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Strengthening Md.’s expert evidence rule

Maryland’s highest court recently adopted a major change in law to prevent unreliable expert evidence — often called “junk science” — from entering the state’s courtrooms. The court deserves praise for jettisoning an antiquated standard governing the admission of expert scientific ...

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Employers’ liability for employees’ confidentiality breaches

Respondeat superior is a Latin term which means “let the master answer.”  In practical terms, that means holding an employer responsible for the wrongful acts its employees take within the scope of their employment. Since the advent of social media, ...

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D.C. Bar weighs in on ethics of working remotely

If your firm is like most law firms, some or all members of your firm’s workforce have been working remotely since the onset of the pandemic. In many cases, your firm’s employees may have chosen to stay close to home ...

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Supporting employees’ mental health

With the pandemic and related economic downturn, many Americans, experts report, are experiencing higher than normal levels of stress, anxiety and worry about the future. And these stresses, without doubt, are affecting employers and employees at home and in the ...

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Stock market reckoning is coming

When the stock market surged last week, President Donald Trump was quick to tweet, “The Dow Jones Industrial just closed above 29,000!” The picture changed a bit after the Dow slid 800 points a few days later, largely driven by ...

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McSherry and Trueman: When people are the problem

For decades, negotiators have been advised to “separate the people from the problem.” This guidance comes from a popular book on negotiation, “Getting To Yes,” by Roger Fisher and William Ury. Some people develop passionate and egoistic attachments to their ...

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