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Latest PPP guidance offers challenges


The latest news indicates additional headwinds for small business owners related to tax deductions and, for loans of at least $2 million, loan forgiveness under the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program. Here are couple of key takeaways for business ...

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Business turkeys of the year


Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday, even this year when my wife and I decided to have a two-person celebration rather than our traditional gathering because we, our kids and grandkids don’t want to put each other at risk for ...

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Confronting the evictions crisis


Gov. Larry Hogan’s recent announcement of grants totaling $19.3 million for eviction prevention benefiting communities around the state is a welcome recognition of a looming crisis. The funds include $2 million for Baltimore city, $3 million for Baltimore County and ...

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Facebook and its obligations


These days, we spend a lot of time online — probably more than we should. And for most of us, especially during the pandemic, a good percentage of our after-work downtime occurs on social networks. We share (and sometimes overshare) ...

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Nothing nefarious about executive orders


Here are three popular myths about executive orders: They are a way to bypass Congress. They are an insult to the Constitution. They are new and a product of the imperial presidency. Even among serious and experienced observers, there is ...

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Five Inexpensive PR Tips for 2021 Success


It’s time for marketers and public relations practitioners to brush off their toolboxes and see what is available to help their organizations or clients gear towards success next year. Obviously with most activities now online rather than in person, and ...

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When life blows up your well-laid plans


Job loss, business failure, involuntary retirement, divorce, disability or the death of a breadwinner — these are just some of the ways our finances can force us to come up with a Plan B. That’s never as simple as downloading ...

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Commercial tenants should pay attention to SNDAs


When commercial landlords borrow against their real estate, their mortgage lender will typically require signed Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment Agreements from current and future tenants. Commercial tenants should resist the temptation to treat SNDAs as “mere forms” and instead carefully ...

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Physicians selling to private equity (Part 1)


This is the first of a three-part series on the sale of physician practices to private equity firms. This first installment addresses the environment that is encouraging such sales, as well as the purchase price of such sales. The second ...

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Appellate brief writing tips from top Md. judges


The primary function of the appellate court is to consider errors of law committed by the trial judge. Advocacy in the appellate court is an art unto itself. John W. Davis, Esq., a great appellate advocate, once remarked that if ...

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