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Mediation can help create an equitable workplace


Traditionally, when analyzing risk management and its role within HR, areas of consideration generally include hiring practices, new employee onboarding, employee exit policies, employee management, and occupational health and safety. Analyzing these areas through the lens of diversity, equity and ...

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Home as a tool for equity


COVID-19 forces us to recognize the house and home ownership in new ways. The house plays arguably multiple roles in our economic prosperity and in our overall health. In Maryland, people with disabilities comprise 19 percent of the overall population ...

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Day trading is a bad idea, especially now


The current day trading boom will end as these frenzies always do: in tears. While we wait for the inevitable crash, let’s review not only why day traders are doomed but also why most people shouldn’t trade, or even invest ...

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Blue metros in a divided America


If you were to take a look at the map of the United States through the lens of our current political polarization, you would notice some unmistakable patterns in blue and red. Whether you were to view a map showing ...

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The leadership qualities needed in Baltimore’s next mayor


In 2016, after candidate Donald Trump won the presidency, President Barrack Obama said, “Elections matter.” Those words are worth considering again as the 2020 General Election nears on Nov. 3. The words of advice are not just relevant for the ...

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The ABCs of Board of Physician complaints


The Maryland Board of Physicians is mandated to investigate any complaint that alleges violations of the Maryland Medical Practice Act. The board has 22 board members, including physicians, a physician assistant and consumers. Complaints to the Board of Physicians often ...

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He instilled ‘presumption of innocence’ into law


English barrister William Garrow was remarkable for his skill in the courtroom and for his contributions to the development of the adversary system of trial as we know it today. He is known for his “extensive growth of the adversarial ...

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Managing mistrust in mediation


I often hear lawyers and parties express frustration over the adversarial nature of some mediation sessions. They want to negotiate openly without posturing. But enough lawyers engage in overly competitive tactics to make the process arduous and aggressive at times. ...

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Don’t put off deals until after the election


Ever found it near-impossible to balance your checkbook, fill out a government form, figure out your Rubik’s Cube, or do anything that requires concentration when the neighbor is running a stump grinder? So, you just wait till the racket stops ...

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Working from home can be done right


The COVID-19 pandemic has crushed the economy, sent joblessness soaring, and killed over a million people worldwide. But there are a few ways in which the pandemic may prompt society to improve, and one is remote work. Though it was ...

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