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The Daily Record welcomes letters to the editor and opinion columns on public policy issues that affect Maryland businesses and the legal community. Letters to the editor should be 300 words or less. Columns can be up to 800 words. All are subject to editing for length or clarity. Submissions must include the writer’s name, address and a daytime phone number for confirmation. They can be sent to Editor Thomas Baden Jr. at

Kirwan’s work should not be dismissed

If you are concerned with this region’s long-term economic development prospects, you should be paying attention to the recommendations of the Kirwan Commission. If you think that Maryland should be preparing young scholars for college and careers that will require ...

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Outsourcing for professional service firms

Since starting my business in 2009, I have leveraged a model of outsourcing several critical business functions that have contributed to the ability to grow over time. Before branching out of the large investment firm where I worked, I was ...

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Leana S. Wen: Let’s stop talking about Medicare-for-all

At Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, talking about health care pretty much meant talking about Medicare-for-all — again. The controversial idea of abolishing private insurance in favor of a single, government-run program certainly deserves some rigorous back-and-forth. But not at the ...

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Using innovation to fight violent crime

The headline of a recent newspaper editorial reads, “Aerial surveillance is not the answer to Baltimore’s crime problem.” The headline gets it right, but the harsh wording of the editorial completely misses the point of the technology. It certainly will ...

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Latino culture, beyond heritage month

Hispanic Heritage Month, which started Sept. 15, has wrapped up. It was a great time of celebration and acknowledgement. But one of my personal pet peeves is how quickly the pendulum swings and the interest fizzles out. I appreciate the ...

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Dan Morhaim: The right solution for surprise billing

For 24 years, I represented northwest Baltimore Country in the Maryland House of Delegates, where I was proud to fight for better health care for Maryland patients. Having now returned to the world of medicine and resuming my role as ...

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Kentucky medical review panel is unconstitutional

When Tonya Claycomb’s son was born with severe brain damage in a Louisville, Kentucky, hospital, Claycomb immediately filed a medical negligence lawsuit against those she believed responsible for her son’s condition. However, a Kentucky law stood in her way. Under ...

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