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The Daily Record welcomes letters to the editor and opinion columns on public policy issues that affect Maryland businesses and the legal community. Letters to the editor should be 300 words or less. Columns can be up to 800 words. All are subject to editing for length or clarity. Submissions must include the writer’s name, address and a daytime phone number for confirmation. They can be sent to Editor Thomas Baden Jr. at

Rosen and Coats: The 199A deduction, or a tale of 3 chairs

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created Internal Revenue Code Section 199A, which allows for an income tax deduction generally equal to 20% of a taxpayer’s share of income from a pass-through entity (a sole proprietorship, an S ...

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A second chance at doing life better

It is no secret that I am a full believer in second chances. As someone who has always been drawn to people who have achieved greatly in part due to a chance at redemption, I am inspired to see people ...

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David A. Plymyer: Police union has stranglehold on some city politicians

A small but important drama escaped notice because of the hubbub surrounding Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s “Healthy Holly” book deals. Two days after the deals first made the news, newly appointed Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison traveled to Annapolis in ...

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Jeff Trueman: Proposed standards of conduct for mediators

The Maryland Rules Committee is considering new proposed Standards of Conduct for Mediators that will replace existing standards that apply to court-referred alternative dispute resolution (Court ADR Standards) and reconcile a second set of practice standards, the Maryland Program for ...

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Lynn Durbin: Access to family planning services

Our country’s most prestigious medical experts, representing more than 4 million health care providers, have voiced serious concerns over a recently published Trump administration Title X regulation that if implemented would put women at-risk of receiving inferior medical care by lifting ...

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Nicole Black: When emojis and the law collide

When I started writing about the intersection of law and technology in 2006, emojis were a sidebar in the world of communication. Until the release of the first smartphone, the iPhone, emojis were typically used only in certain online chat ...

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