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Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board: Baltimore’s water bill crisis (access required)

Baltimore city’s water bill crisis has several sources, among the chief ones a 2002 consent decree with the Environmental Protection Agency. The consent decree mandated that Baltimore address its aging water infrastructure and make improvements. Regulations implemented by the federal ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: ‘Security theater’ and the handgun permit review panel (access required)

Gov. Larry Hogan, just before the Memorial Day holiday, vetoed a 2019 bill abolishing the Maryland Handgun Permit Review Board. The board, comprised of civilians, was established in 1990 to review decisions of the Maryland State Police (MSP) relating to the ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: A question for Baltimore’s inspector general (access required)

Baltimore’s Office of the Inspector General was created nearly 15 years ago, in July 2005. The instrument of creation: an executive order signed by then-Mayor Martin O’Malley. Reviewing the history of the office, the OIG’s most recent annual report noted ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Politicians lie low until scandals blow over (access required)

Is anyone else concerned about, bothered by or even aware of what seems to be the latest tactic by politicians accused of what would normally be considered, were it you or me, career-ending debacles? That tactic is: lie low, let ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: E-filing claims will further help Md.’s crime victims (access required)

The other day some of us saw the end of an old “Law & Order” episode in which District Attorney Adam Schiff remarked to ADA McCoy: “Three felony convictions. Everyone’s happy – except the victim.” Victims of crimes are too ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Attorneys must be keepers of profession’s reputation (access required)

Much like the biblical story of Cain denying his responsibility to watch over his brother Abel, it can be easy for us to turn a blind eye to a fellow attorney who is not meeting basic standards in our profession. ...

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