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Editorial Advisory Board

EAB: Promote diversity, competition in cannabis program

In 2018, Maryland legislators will attempt to complete unfinished business from 2017 to promote “a successful but consumer-friendly medical cannabis industry in the State to provide patients with affordable access to medical cannabis” and promote participation by “small, minority, and ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: End judgement debtor body attachments

Although body attachments are identified with the Dickensian concept of debtors’ prisons, the process to obtain them is still legal. In Maryland, creditors can use the body attachment process to compel payments from a judgment debtor using this civil arrest ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Judicial appointments, off the menu

A judicial vacancy was created earlier this year when Washington County Circuit Judge Kenneth Long Jr. reached the mandatory retirement age. Gov. Larry Hogan recently appointed Del. Brett Wilson, R-Washington, to the bench. The vacancy was advertised, and applicants wishing ...

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Letter to the editor: A misguided attack from the Editorial Advisory Board

From its invocation in the headline of unsheared “sheep” to the description in its final sentence of Baltimore as a “lawless enclave,” the Dec. 8 work product of The Daily Record’s esteemed Editorial Advisory Board grossly deviated from the board’s ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: No longer sheep ready to be sheared

Baltimore is a very dangerous city. Mayor Catherine Pugh recently said homicides and violent crimes against people are out of control. There is no sense blaming the police, the Judiciary, the mayor the schools, or any other institution because the blame ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Strengthening background checks for guns

By now, almost everyone has learned the Texas church shooter was not allowed, under federal law, to possess a firearm. Despite the prohibition found in 18 U.S.C. § 922(g) that prevents a person convicted of domestic violence from possessing a ...

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