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Editorial Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board: Charging in-state rate for immigrants’ children makes economic sense

We urge members of the General Assembly to vote in favor of providing in-state college tuition rates for qualified children of documented and undocumented immigrants. Note that media attention surrounding this issue has not touched on the fact that legal, ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Ain’t I a taxpayer, too?

A woman’s right to choose is again center stage, and hearings on anti-abortion bills were the opening acts of Washington’s 2011 congressional theater, where a new conservative majority has given the issue top billing. Relying on an expansive reading of ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Parity now for girls in the juvenile justice system

Last year the General Assembly considered, but did not pass, a bill directing the Department of Juvenile Services to provide the girls it serves with a “range and quality of services substantially equivalent to those offered to males.” We supported ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Keep government payments public

From the White House to the Baltimore City Mayor’s Office comes a common mantra — a new era of accountability and transparency in government has dawned. In a January 21, 2009 Memo to the Executive Branch, President Obama directed federal ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Making criminals out of volunteers

Suppose a Maryland politician were to advocate passing a new law that would make it a criminal offense for attorneys to volunteer more than a couple of hours of their legal services on behalf of their favorite candidates in this ...

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