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Letters to the Editor

The Daily Record welcomes letters to the editor and opinion columns on public policy issues that affect Maryland businesses and the legal community. Letters to the editor should be 300 words or less. Columns can be up to 800 words. All are subject to editing for length or clarity. Submissions must include the writer’s name, address and a daytime phone number for confirmation. They can be sent to Editor Thomas Baden Jr. at

Letters to the Editor – 9/16/11

In the recent address to Congress by President Obama unveiling a new jobs bill, there was specific mention of addressing the need to extend unemployment benefits. The federal government has come to recognize the necessity of insuring that millions of ...

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Letters to the Editor – 8/12/11

Boyd’s State Center column ignores report’s key findings Laslo Boyd’s Aug. 8 commentary criticizes a report released by the Maryland Public Policy Institute in early July that estimates the public subsidies associated with the State Center redevelopment project. Unfortunately, Mr. ...

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Letters to the Editor – 7/22/11

DOT, DGS: State Center article got it wrong We request that you print this letter as a response to certain errors that were included in a recent Daily Record article (“Lawsuit over State Center redevelopment to go forward”). The article ...

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