Feb 18, 2022

A growing threat to public safety, ghost guns must be banned

It’s no secret that the digital revolution is rapidly changing our lives and purchasing power, but perhaps few with such alarming potential public safety consequences as the sale of gun parts, individually and in kits, over the Internet so that virtually anyone with a credit card number can buy and assemble a gun at home. […]

Feb 18, 2022

Editorial Advisory Board: Questions for the next chief judge

We think that the selection of the next chief judge of the Court of Appeals of Maryland is very important. Here are 20 questions for the governor to consider asking each candidate as he makes his selection, and ones we would like to ask the next chief judge ourselves: To how many cases should the […]

Feb 10, 2022

Calvin Butler and Brian Pieninck: It’s more than just a merger

The Greater Baltimore region is rich in assets supported by diverse industry sectors and is uniquely positioned in the Northeast corridor. For decades, the Greater Baltimore Committee and the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore have independently sought to enhance and market those assets, each working in partnership with the area’s business, community and civic leaders. […]

Feb 3, 2022

How to reduce investing’s gender gap: Try talking about ethics

Women’s perception of unethical behavior among finance professionals may contribute to how underrepresented they are in the industry, according to a recently published article I co-authored with colleagues at Zhejiang University and Creighton University. We administered surveys to nearly 3,000 college students in the U.S. and China, describing 10 scenarios in which a character makes [&hellip[...]

Feb 3, 2022

As Zucker learned, even consensual office romances can cause problems

Former CNN president Jeff Zucker became the latest executive to lose his job over a consensual relationship with a subordinate. Zucker stepped down on Feb. 2, 2022, acknowledging in a statement that he was “required to disclose” the relationship but didn’t. “I was wrong,” he said. The news follows previous incidents in which executives or […]

Feb 1, 2022

Rosen & Katz: No COVID-19 shield laws for Maryland

With the emergence of COVID-19, many businesses have carefully taken various precautions to prevent, where possible, viral exposures to their employees and customers. However, despite their good-faith efforts to prevent further infections, many employers and businesses now are concerned about their potential liability to individuals who have nevertheless been exposed to, or injured or killed [&hel[...]

Jan 27, 2022

Editorial Advisory Board: COVID-19 and workers’ compensation

During nearly two full years of the pandemic of COVID-19 and its variants, Maryland first responders and health care employees have had our backs. If and when such employees fall ill from providing such protection and service, Maryland law should not turn its back on them. As long as such employees have protected themselves from […]

Jan 27, 2022

Climate action at the local level

The 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), that convened in Glasgow Oct. 31-Nov. 12, 2021, served to focus attention on the global climate crisis – at least for those willing to pay attention. Of course, other events, in the U. S. and elsewhere in the world should also have grabbed our attention. […]

Jan 25, 2022

How to take full advantage of your health plan

Every year, scores of Marylanders make New Year’s resolutions, especially to improve their health and wealth. In fact, 55% of Americans plan to make health-related New Year’s resolutions this year, while 53% have vowed to improve their financial well-being, according to a recent UnitedHealthcare survey. What are the most common resolutions for 2022? Among people […]

Jan 25, 2022

Editorial Advisory Board: A tribute to Stephen H. Sachs

“He’s literate, he’s erudite and engaging …. He’s got a rich sense of humor and a richly furnished mind, too. When he orders a hamburger, he’s apt to quote Socrates.” So wrote the late Baltimore writer Gilbert Sandler years ago in describing Stephen H. Sachs, who was a giant among men, trial and appellate lawyers, […]

Jan 24, 2022

Editorial Advisory Board: Hogan and aides need to get off Wickr

Maryland law provides that: “All persons are entitled to have access to information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees.” Some records or  information  are exempt due to privacy or confidentiality concerns; some records may be withheld if the custodian agency determines release is contrary to the public […]

Jan 21, 2022

Young attorneys: You can learn some lessons from my mistakes. Here are 3 of them.

I shake my head and smile, now at the Bar 50 years, at the many humiliating mistakes I have made, particularly as a young lawyer. For me, the saving graces are the lessons I have learned along the way. I would like to share three of them with you. Don’t believe everything that your client […]

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