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Editorial: A test of leadership

The Maryland General Assembly convenes next week amid declining resources, mounting political pressures and challenging decisions. This will likely be a painful scenario for the state’s elected officials. The typical drill for an election-year session goes something like this: Spend ...

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A new look at philanthropy

With a very challenging year behind us, it seems fitting to reflect on the state of philanthropy today. I wish I could say that I was inexperienced with challenging economies, but in truth, this is my third time down this ...

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Editorial: John Hardwicke

We salute the public service of John W. Hardwicke, Sr., who died last week at the age of 82. Hardwicke was Maryland’s first administrative law judge, serving from 1990 until he retired in 2002. His agency, the Office of Administrative ...

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Surprising insights can come from surveys

All investors are not created equal. That’s why financial planners start their first client meetings with a discussion of money attitudes, goals and risk tolerance — the driver at the root of all investment decisions. Some planners do this by ...

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