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Editorial: Balancing act

Gov. Martin O’Malley said repeatedly on the campaign trail in the fall that his top priority was jobs — creating them, retaining them, saving them and enabling businesses in Maryland to feel confident enough to add them to their payrolls. ...

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Steven I. Platt: We can’t solve problems with toxic rhetoric

Headlines, blurbs, and pundits sometimes create issues and atmospherics intentionally and sometimes inadvertently. Notice a few recent headlines and articles in which political figures question each other’s motives in The Daily Record and two major metropolitan newspapers, including articles titled ...

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Editorial: Campaign finance reform

As it prepared to convene for a 2011 session that promises to be dominated by frustrating struggles over scarce fiscal resources, the Maryland General Assembly was presented with an opportunity to do something important that won’t require a significant outlay ...

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Editorial: Joshua Sharfstein

The federal government’s loss was Maryland’s gain as Gov. Martin O’Malley enticed Joshua Sharfstein to leave the Food and Drug Administration’s No. 2 post and join O’Malley’s cabinet as state secretary of health and mental hygiene. The move reunites the ...

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Editorial: Secrecy is not an option

Who’s telling the truth? The City of Baltimore says Yakov Shapiro demanded secrecy as a condition of settling his wrongful-arrest lawsuit for $200,000. Shapiro’s lawyer says the city insisted on a “gag order,” and provided copies of correspondence that seem ...

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