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You may want to convert to Roth

Next year, individuals with a modified adjusted gross income of more than $100,000 will be eligible to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. The IRS is offering taxpayers a two-year window in 2010 to pay taxes due on ...

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Three pieces of good news for homebuyers

Well, it was about time. Within the last week, Congress finally moved on two key components affecting real estate sales: extending and enhancing the federal tax credits for purchasing a home, and maintaining the maximum loan limits through 2010 for ...

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Editorial: Time for Nalley to go

While we are castigating judges who overstepped their bounds, let us turn to Southern Maryland Circuit Judge Robert C. Nalley. Nalley got his legal comeuppance in Charles County District Court last week when he was fined $500 and ordered to ...

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Now is the time to understand Medicare

Despite all the public discussion about health care, very few people under the age of 65 understand the basics of Medicare, the federal health program for seniors and certain disabled individuals, or Medigap, the supplemental private coverage many buy to ...

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