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Transforming a hospital system

It was not an easy birth. The attending physician, a visionary doctor named Albert Farmer, died in the process. Turf battles between opposing forces within the old University of Maryland Hospital produced a kind of fight-to-the death struggle that startled ...

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Lessons from Letterman, ACORN

It’s not often I advise Baltimore’s business community to study a late night comedy show for tips on crisis communications. In fact, I never have … until now. But the crisis besetting CBS’ David Letterman is worth your attention. Here’s ...

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Cyber security: Something every site needs

Gov. Martin O’Malley has declared October as Cyber Security Awareness Month, as has the federal government. What does that mean? Well, according to the governor, it’s necessary to remind all Americans that we need to protect the security of cyberspace ...

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Watch for legal pitfalls of boutique medicine

Earlier this year, the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) issued a report on whether physicians who are operating boutique medical practices are violating Maryland insurance laws by “practicing insurance.” In that report, the MIA made several recommendations to boutique medical practices ...

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