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A new reason to opt for public service career

Students returned to higher education this fall with a new incentive to prepare for careers in public service — federal student loan forgiveness. Under the new Sarbanes Public Service Loan Forgiveness Option, the U.S. Department of Education will forgive the ...

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Editorial: Time for Nalley to go

While we are castigating judges who overstepped their bounds, let us turn to Southern Maryland Circuit Judge Robert C. Nalley. Nalley got his legal comeuppance in Charles County District Court last week when he was fined $500 and ordered to ...

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Tech Talk: Some computer viruses can send you to jail

We all know what a pain it can be if your computer gets a virus. Systems could break down and important documents and information be wiped out. As bad as that seems, there is something much, much worse — a ...

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Of Service: Autonomy’s angels

In an economic downturn, women and children often take the brunt of the pain — with foreclosures, loss of jobs and healthcare, increases in domestic violence, and the loss of housing and public benefits heading the list of misfortunes. That’s ...

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Now is the time to understand Medicare

Despite all the public discussion about health care, very few people under the age of 65 understand the basics of Medicare, the federal health program for seniors and certain disabled individuals, or Medigap, the supplemental private coverage many buy to ...

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Early reviews of Windows 7 are mostly good

Goodbye Windows Vista and hello Windows 7. Microsoft just released a new version of its operating system. It is called Windows 7 and is being marketed as a fast, agile, easy-to-use improvement from the last operating system release, Windows Vista. ...

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‘Unconferences’ extend Web2.0 to events

I spent last Friday at the State Theater, a popular entertainment venue in Falls Church, Va. – but not at a show. I attended the third (and final) Blog Potomac “unconference,” a congregation of social media marketing enthusiasts from the ...

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Commentary: Hate-crimes bill protects free speech

After years of heated debate, the Senate gave final approval on Oct. 22 to legislation already passed by the House that expands federal hate-crimes statutes to include sexual orientation and gender identity. President Obama signed it into law Oct. 28. ...

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Shadow government redux

Things happen. You wake up some morning and you’ve got a complex web of half-city and half-private corporations taking on a variety of government projects. There’s even a $100 million city-run bank. Only a handful of people know anything about ...

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