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How to make your money biases work for you


The way our brains work can cost us a lot of money. But some of our mental quirks can be turned to our advantage. Cognitive biases are the faulty ways of thinking that can persuade us to run up debt, ...

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Looking for your 20/20 in 2020


Here we are at the end of a decade. When put in these terms, considering that we are at the end of a decade feels significant. In some ways, the last 10 years have felt like a lot of everything ...

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Good idea for Disney World, bad idea for Maryland


From Maglev to Hyperloop, Maryland’s political leaders like to claim that the next transportation innovation will magically solve all of the state’s mobility problems. As a way to cut down congestion on Interstate 270 between the Shady Grove Metro Station ...

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In 2020, how can I …?


I just finished the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers and am knee-deep in managing my children’s gift expectations. But I’m also juggling calls from several acquaintances asking, “How can I …”?  Insert “start transitioning out of my role into something ...

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The working class doesn’t want grand plans


A young man I know, an electrician in training, was telling me the other day about building computer server racks at his company’s fabrication facility. I grew enthusiastic as I realized he was describing a little piece of a major ...

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A winning message in 2020


As Democratic candidates slug it out with their primary rivals, a new report on voter attitudes toward the economy from the Center for American Progress and pollster GBAO offers guidance on what kind of message will put the eventual nominee ...

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The long arm of arbitration agreements


You might be surprised to learn that, in certain circumstances, nonsignatories to a contract containing an arbitration clause may be forced to arbitrate. But that’s the law. I would like to share this with you, as reported by one of ...

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It’s time to let go of shame over your debt


Many of us feel bad about our debt. Most of us probably shouldn’t. Three-quarters of U.S. households owe money, but the vast majority pay their bills on time and have debt loads that are reasonable given their incomes. But many ...

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Mack McGee: Go all-in and embrace the missteps


When it comes to innovating, to creating new things, new ways of doing, and even new ways of living, mistakes are a must. So said the experts who shared their insights at a recent conference devoted to organizational innovation in ...

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