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The Daily Record welcomes letters to the editor and opinion columns on public policy issues that affect Maryland businesses and the legal community. Letters to the editor should be 300 words or less. Columns can be up to 800 words. All are subject to editing for length or clarity. Submissions must include the writer’s name, address and a daytime phone number for confirmation. They can be sent to Editor Thomas Baden Jr. at

Rosen & Coats: Understanding Md.’s pass-through tax election

An amendment (the bill) to Maryland’s income tax laws, which became effective as of July 1, 2020, and applicable to the taxable years beginning after Dec. 31, 2019, allows a pass-through entity, such as an S corporation or an entity ...

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The status quo is failing us 

Reducing overdose deaths is a priority worthy of the resources allocated by our local and federal governments. Just knowing these fatalities have quadrupled in the last decade drives home the urgency for effective interventions. But pervasive misinformation surrounding drug use, ...

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Time to get rid of our state song

With such notable citizens as Harriett Tubman and Frederick Douglass, Maryland can do and should do better than a state song grounded in mythology and in hatred of others. In 2021, the Maryland General Assembly has heard bills related to ...

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The double-glazed glass ceiling

“The bias that I face as a woman of color has become the elephant in the room. It means that I have to keep proving myself to clients, peers, superiors, and subordinates, even after each success. Sometimes others assume that ...

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A reminder on new PPP changes

President Biden recently announced changes to the Paycheck Protection Program, including a new 14-day window where loan applications must be exclusive to small businesses and nonprofits with fewer than 20 employees. As a result of this change, the PPP is ...

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Blood plasma can help us live with COVID-19

This past year has forced many of us to experience more isolation than ever before. With over 2 million deaths worldwide and more than 650,000 U.S. hospitalizations, almost every American knows someone who has been impacted by COVID-19. The new ...

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Protecting those being treated for addiction

No one who suffers from addiction should be subjected to sexual harassment or abuse as a condition of getting help. In Maryland, this fundamental principle has been violated because women themselves have been violated in addiction treatment facilities. Regrettably, the ...

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Editorial Advisory Board: Md. redistricting commission a good start


In January 2021 Gov. Larry Hogan created the Maryland Citizen Redistricting Commission to prepare plans for the necessary redistricting of Maryland’s state legislative and congressional districts as a consequence of the 2020 Census. Although the General Assembly and the governor ...

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