Senate bill mandates work breaks

A bill that would force some retailers to give their employees shift breaks has business groups worried about the potential impact on companies already struggling under the weight of the economic downturn. The measure, called the Healthy Retail Employee Act, ...

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Democrats to open budget hearing to all

ANNAPOLIS — A meeting to discuss budget cuts will be open to all lawmakers, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said Wednesday after Republicans called a proposal to invite them to a one-party hearing an insincere “sideshow” and turned down ...

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Md. unemployment deal near?

ANNAPOLIS – The chairman of the Senate Finance Committee says he is “optimistic” that businesses, labor unions and lawmakers will reach a compromise Friday on the governor’s proposed changes to state unemployment insurance taxes and benefits. The deal is expected ...

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Mental health advocates rally for alcohol tax

ANNAPOLIS – More than 300 health providers, policy makers, and citizens concerned or affected by mental illness rallied on Lawyer’s Mall Wednesday afternoon protesting any further cuts in the mental health budget and supporting a bill that would tax alcohol ...

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