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GOP loses on debate changes in Md. Senate (access required)

Republicans will have a harder time stopping bills they oppose in the Democratic-controlled Senate after the chamber voted Tuesday to reduce the number of votes needed to choke debate.

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Bill would tax Md. firms on 'excessive' exec pay (access required)

Some Maryland lawmakers hope to curb the trend of exorbitant corporate executive pay with a bill that would require a company to pay income taxes on compensation considered excessive.

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Kopp wins another term as treasurer (access required)

State Treasurer Nancy Kopp was given four more years in the job Thursday, when the state legislature re-elected her as their representative on a board that assigns state contracts.

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Administration brings trade case against China on subsidies (access required)

The Bush administration, under pressure from a Democratic-controlled Congress to do something about America's soaring trade deficit, filed a trade case Friday against China in a dispute involving government subsidies.

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Wellness programs gain strength (access required)

Kelly Openshaw tried chiropractors and cortisone shots to alleviate the chronic pain in her knee and hip, but to no avail.

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Poll: Marylanders want a smoking ban; undecided on O'Malley (access required)

Seven in 10 Maryland voters want to ban smoking statewide, even in bars, according to a statewide poll released Wednesday that also found high support for tougher emissions standards from new cars.

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