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Md. Senate approves $1.5B relief plan; measure goes to House (access required)

ANNAPOLIS — A $1.5 billion proposal to provide aide to low-income Marylanders, struggling businesses and those who have been stymied in receiving unemployment benefits during the pandemic now makes it way to the House from the Senate. The Maryland Senate Friday ...

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Howard County to offer additional $5M in HoCo RISE business grants (access required)

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball Friday announced the third round of HoCo RISE Business Grants of $5.1 million for small local businesses, restaurants and hotels. The funding includes $2 million in county funds for businesses, $1.5 million from the state for restaurants, and $1.6 ...

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Tax forms help reveal extent of unemployment fraud in US (access required)

Unemployment agencies across the country became lucrative targets for criminals when they were bombarded with claims last year as millions lost jobs due to coronavirus shutdowns. Now, simple tax forms being sent to people who never collected unemployment benefits are ...

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Election officials say combating lies will be big challenge (access required)

After an election season dominated by conspiracy theories and false claims about voting, top election officials across the country say they already are bracing for what comes next. They are grappling with ways they can counter waves of misinformation in ...

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USM, hit hard by pandemic cuts, expects no reductions in FY22 budget (access required)

The University System of Maryland took the largest financial cuts of any state agency after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, according to system Chancellor Jay Perman. The system faced a $223 million deficit towards the end of ...

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Md. lawmakers urge changes to state’s unemployment system (access required)

Unemployment benefits

Democrats in the Maryland House and Senate said out-of-work residents who are still waiting — in some cases since the spring — to receive unemployment benefits have highlighted a need for “a new vision” for the state program. Over the ...

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Democrats ask Trump to testify under oath in Senate trial (access required)

House Democrats on Thursday asked Donald Trump to testify under oath for his Senate impeachment trial, challenging the former president to explain why he and his lawyers have disputed key factual allegations at the center of their charge that he incited a violent mob to storm the Capitol.

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Hogan’s State of the State speech focuses on pandemic, economic relief (access required)

The coronavirus pandemic and Maryland’s response dominated Gov. Larry Hogan’s 2021 State of the State address as the virus has dominated nearly every aspect of his administration since March of last year. Even the backdrop of the address, Hogan standing ...

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$1.2B relief plan moves ahead, but counties fear a hit (access required)

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland 24 major political subdivisions could lose $180 million in revenue under provisions of Gov. Larry Hogan’s pandemic aid bill. The potential for cuts to local government at a time when they are also struggling to keep up with the ...

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