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Ground Up podcast

Ground Up Podcast: Defining gentrification in Baltimore

Author Rafael Alvarez, Morgan State University’s Lawrence Brown, Atomic Books co-owner Benn Ray, and activist Destiny Watford discuss gentrification in Baltimore, what it looks like, and how to prevent it from happening.

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Ground Up Podcast: Baltimore region grapples with transportation woes

Baltimore faces significant challenges in dealing with a transit system activists call substandard. I speak with activists, elected officials, and transportation experts about the challenges facing the region in bolstering a struggling system.

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Ground Up Podcast: Port Covington Backers envision ‘Cyber Town USA’

A look at how the planned redevelopment of Port Covington in Baltimore progressed from rumor to $5.5 billion development effort. We hear from Mike Janke, of DigitalTribe, and Bob Ackerman, of AllegisCyber, about how they plan to create ‘Cyber Town ...

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Ground Up podcast: Baltimore County economic development chief Will Anderson talks growth, TIF and beer

Out the county, hon. That’s Bawlmerese for the suburbs surrounding the city. In particular Baltimore County. In the decades after World War II that jurisdiction’s population surged from more than 270,000 people in 1950 to nearly 656,000 in 1980. The number ...

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