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Health Care

Lactating student wins extra time during medical licensing exam

A Harvard graduate must be allowed extra break time during her nine-hour medical licensing exam so she can pump breast milk to feed her 4-month-old daughter, a Massachusetts appeals court judge ruled Wednesday.

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School of Public Health opens at University of Maryland

The University of Maryland on Wednesday formally launched its School of Public Health, which will train students to understand and confront health problems ranging from HIV infection to obesity.

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Home-based child care workers vote to unionize

Saying it will give needed training and provide better reimbursement rates, the state's nearly 6,000 home-based child-care providers have voted to unionize.

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Dental group says Wrigley sugar-free gum has oral health benefits

The nation's largest dentist group now says gum can be good for you, as long as it's sugar-free. The American Dental Association said Tuesday it has awarded its seal of acceptance to Wrigley sugar-free gums ...

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On the high court’s docket

The U.S. Supreme Court is set to tackle a number of hot-button issues when its new term begins next week, including the proper interpretation of the federal sentencing guidelines, claims of racially motivated pre-emptive strikes, securities fraud liability, employment discrimination evidence and federal pre-emption.

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