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I’m Back

In the past 10 days I’ve received numerous e-mails from friends, colleagues and previously anonymous readers asking why it’s been almost a month since my last blog post.  All of those e-mails brought a huge smile to my face, and ...

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Happy Birthday to me

Today I turned 35 and, at this very moment, I feel a little old.  By all accounts, I am still “young” and, as we all know, age is relative.  Compared to dirt, the Earth, and any of the Supreme Court ...

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Dear Daughter, WHERE ARE YOU?

Those were the words of a frantic mother in despair. The problem: a missing child who happens to be a litigation associate with billable hour requirements. My mother’s solution: Call every number she has associated with me, brave the Internet ...

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The Slots Debacle

If you think Maryland’s legislative branch has a propensity for stifling common-sense business moves and the resulting tax benefit, no further proof need be given than its bungling of the slots referendum and implementation. The General Assembly has already put ...

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