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I’m throwing in the towel. Enough is enough. I’m tired of the promise of something new, the sometimes steep learning curve to find a useful application, and the final disappointment when it does not live up to expectations. The subject: ...

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Issues with pro se litigants

A few weeks ago, I attended a Town Hall meeting aimed at addressing issues that arise in cases involving self-represented litigants.  While in law school, I don’t believe the thought of having a case against a party not represented by ...

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Clothes Make the Woman

I read John’s post, “Clothes Make the Man,” and chuckled. Here I was thinking that men had it so easy when it came to wardrobe choices, but in fact, creating and maintaining a professional wardrobe is daunting for both sexes. ...

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Back when I was in school (take your pick: elementary, middle, high school, college or law school), I loved snow. Couldn’t get enough of it. In fact, I remember one year in high school where school was closed for a ...

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Hypothermia for a Cause

On Saturday, as snow was falling through most of Maryland and the temperature dipped well below freezing, I was standing half-naked on the beach at Sandy Point State Park with 17 other young lawyers preparing myself for a dip into ...

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MICPEL shutting its doors

Last Thursday, one of The Daily Record’s top stories was “Financial woes put an end to MICPEL.” MICPEL is the Maryland Institute for Continuing Professional Education of Lawyers, and was the largest provider of continuing legal education in Maryland for ...

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