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Olympic Lawsuit?

I am a big fan of the Winter Olympics.  I look forward to it every four years.  My favorite events are downhill skiing, hockey and curling (yes, I find curling to be incredibly engaging and fascinating).  Unfortunately, the 2010 version ...

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Westlaw is a Gateway Drug

I once accidentally spent $1,800 to find out if South Carolina was a comparative negligence state. I was a summer associate working at a small local law firm during the summer of my second year in law school. A partner ...

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I’m throwing in the towel. Enough is enough. I’m tired of the promise of something new, the sometimes steep learning curve to find a useful application, and the final disappointment when it does not live up to expectations. The subject: ...

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Issues with pro se litigants

A few weeks ago, I attended a Town Hall meeting aimed at addressing issues that arise in cases involving self-represented litigants.  While in law school, I don’t believe the thought of having a case against a party not represented by ...

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Clothes Make the Woman

I read John’s post, “Clothes Make the Man,” and chuckled. Here I was thinking that men had it so easy when it came to wardrobe choices, but in fact, creating and maintaining a professional wardrobe is daunting for both sexes. ...

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Back when I was in school (take your pick: elementary, middle, high school, college or law school), I loved snow. Couldn’t get enough of it. In fact, I remember one year in high school where school was closed for a ...

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