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Happy Birthday to me

Today I turned 35 and, at this very moment, I feel a little old.  By all accounts, I am still “young” and, as we all know, age is relative.  Compared to dirt, the Earth, and any of the Supreme Court ...

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Dear Daughter, WHERE ARE YOU?

Those were the words of a frantic mother in despair. The problem: a missing child who happens to be a litigation associate with billable hour requirements. My mother’s solution: Call every number she has associated with me, brave the Internet ...

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The Slots Debacle

If you think Maryland’s legislative branch has a propensity for stifling common-sense business moves and the resulting tax benefit, no further proof need be given than its bungling of the slots referendum and implementation. The General Assembly has already put ...

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The real travesty of March Madness

With kudos to Jason Beaulieu for his thought-provoking post about one travesty of March Madness and the related pending lawsuit, the real travesty is that Charm City has been left off of the Above the Law version of the tourney. As some of ...

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Insomnia and Cross-Examination

After a busy day at work, facing the prospect of an even busier day come morning, I got ready for bed at a fairly reasonable hour and quickly went to sleep. Unfortunately, my son had different plans. I awoke sometime ...

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The NCAA Racket Challenge

I love this time of year. March means college basketball at its best and the finest sports tournament going. And despite the dagger three-ball that ousted the Terps, I’ll watch as many games as possible, enjoying the game played with ...

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