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My Love Affair With Adobe

If I was feeling more creative this morning, my post would take the form of an “Ode to Adobe.” But, composing lyrical verse this early in the morning is a little overkill. Just so we’re clear, this is about the ...

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Bear Grylls vs. Briefcase

Like most people, I won’t forget this winter anytime soon. Since the first big storm in mid- December, my yard had measurable snow in it for all but two days.  That’s 77 days in total.  Ridiculous. But during February’s blizzards ...

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March Madness

Today is March 9, 2010. If my calculations are correct, the Maryland General Assembly has 35 days left in this year’s legislative session. March madness indeed. (I apologize if you were expecting this blog post to be about the NCAA ...

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Buh LOO, Like the Bear

Editor’s Note: Jason Beaulieu is a new writer for Generation JD.  Click here to read his profile. As a new writer for Generation J.D., I’m excited to share my thoughts about the legal world and beyond. From law school to ...

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