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Generation J.D.

The Daily Record's blog for young lawyers, by young lawyers

Fresh air will do you good

Lawyers are some of the most sedentary professionals.  So much so that more than one partner in my office has been known to sit so completely still while dictating briefs, for such a long time, that the lights in their ...

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Win Some, Lose Some

Jury trials are scary. But, the first years of my career (an experience I treasure), they were few and far between (and, I was never higher than 3rd chair).    I recently took a position at Miller & Zois, where ...

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Fear Factor

I will never forget the first time I deposed an expert witness. I had been out of law school for a little over a year, and here I was being sent to go “toe-to-toe” with a physician who had been ...

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To tweet or retweet

I have to admit, I was really late joining Twitter; not only that, but my mother was on it first and tweets more than I do. While I have joined the Twitter nation, I am still unsure about the best ...

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Can’t find a job? Try again.

If you’re looking for work and frustrated at the local offerings, I’ve got news for you: it doesn’t get better than here. Via Lifehacker come these figures on job market competition in June of this year. has compared the ...

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Welcome to Generation J.D.

We’re thrilled to bring you Generation J.D., a blog for young lawyers in Maryland and across the country. Generation J.D. is a product of The (Maryland) Daily Record, a business and legal publication since 1888. Our writers will share their ...

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