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Generation J.D.

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10things you can do now if business is slow

Update your bios – on your website, LinkedIn, Martindale/com, Avvo, Yelp. Create a Facebook business page. Even if you’re a solo or an associate, you can create a professional page. Invite your friends. Start a blog. Start a professional newsletter. ...

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Sarah David: Volunteering to help front-line workers

Many professionals are struggling with how to navigate working exclusively from home, how to balance work and childcare, and how to adjust to the many challenges this time presents. Three women have taken this challenge in stride and developed a ...

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A new kind of discovery: Working while parenting

The coronavirus has shaken the world in so many ways. Thousands of lives lost. Millions unemployed. Millions mandated to stay home except under exigent circumstances. There are few words left unused to describe the global pandemic we are experiencing. I ...

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In these challenging times, remember to be kind

This is an incredibly challenging time for our country and the world. As young professionals, we likely find ourselves especially challenged as we try to complete a day of work from home with young children demanding our attention, and as ...

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Making beautiful music while preparing for trial

Call me a control freak, but I have always been fascinated by orchestra conductors. I think it started at a young age with that Bugs Bunny cartoon. You know the one. I currently serve on the board of directors of the New ...

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