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Generation J.D.

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Mastering the art of shameless self-promotion

I think law schools fail to teach one important skill, namely the art of shameless self-promotion that is necessarily a part of being a lawyer. Talking about yourself and making others aware of the services you offer is one of the ...

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Attorney, husband, father: Thoughts on a plane

I have been on a plane more times this year than in the first 27 years of my life combined. I love traveling and taking/defending depositions across the country. It’s fascinating. In only a year and a half of doing ...

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‘Dear Sir or Madam’ is outmoded at best, offensive at worst

I recently attended a thought-provoking webinar CLE conducted by the Association of Corporate Counsel. The title was Gender Inclusive Legal Writing and Communications (Why “Dear Sir or Madam Must Go”). I feel that I am fairly mindful when it comes ...

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Speak up! We need to spread the word about the law.

“Does the witness have a subpoena or not?” It might sound like a question from a judge, opposing counsel or court clerk, but this was in fact a question from a ninth-grade student at the recent Civics and Law Academy ...

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When your organizational methods need to be reorganized

I am one of those people who couldn’t function when my desk, calendar and files weren’t perfectly organized … and possibly color-coded. Throughout law school, my organizational methods allowed me to survive while serving on multiple committees and boards and ...

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