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Appellate Courts

Battered wife wants contact, but CSA upholds judge’s ruling

A Court of Special Appeals ruling this week prohibiting direct contact between a domestic violence victim and her abuser highlights just how sharply divided women’s advocates remain on whether such intervention protects victims or deters them from reporting abuse.

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Opinions 2/21/13: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Corporations and Partnerships Piercing the corporate veil  BOTTOM LINE: The circuit court erred by finding defendant personally liable for the debts of the limited liability company solely owned by defendant, absent a finding of fraud. CASE: Serio v. Baystate Properties, ...

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Opinions – 2/7/13: Maryland Court of Special Appeals

Civil Procedure Default judgment BOTTOM LINE: Plaintiffs were entitled to a default judgment and damages against defendant where the notice of default was mailed to defendant’s “last known address,” as required by Rule 2-613(f), and where defendant had actual notice ...

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