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Appellate Courts

Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh walks on the House of Delegates chamber floor before the annual State of the State address on Jan. 30, 2019, in Annapolis. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)
Oct 24, 2022

Frosh defends assault weapons ban, cites 19th century knife restrictions

Maryland’s ban on semiautomatic assault-style weapons passes constitutional muster because it is in keeping with the nation’s history of restricting “extraordinarily dangerous” offensive weapons, the state’s attorney general argued.

Oct 19, 2022

Md. high court will weigh fee waiver denial in police records case

Maryland’s top court will consider whether the Baltimore Police Department must waive the fee it charges requestors of public records when the data sought relates to officers’ use of force.

Oct 18, 2022

Frosh defends Md. handgun licensing amid new high court ruling

Maryland’s attorney general defended the constitutionality of the state’s challenged licensing requirements for would-be handgun buyers as in keeping with the nation’s early history of training militias to use guns.

Oct 14, 2022

Baltimore gang members seek Supreme Court review of family’s exclusion from trial

Eight men convicted in a gangland murder and drug dealing conspiracy in Baltimore urged the U.S. Supreme Court this week to review and set aside their convictions.

Oct 12, 2022

Md. appeals court: Lawsuit’s dismissal does not void arbitrator’s decision

Plaintiffs cannot escape an arbitrator’s adverse decision by having the circuit court case that prompted the arbitration dismissed, Maryland’s second highest court ruled.

Oct 11, 2022

Md. appeals court: Judges assess method, not data in admitting expert testimony

Judges may bar experts from testifying when their methodology is flawed but may not exclude testimony because the judges disagreed with the data, court says.

Oct 10, 2022

Md. high court hears convicted murderer’s appeal that claims new evidence

A man who has spent over 30 years in prison for a murder he did not commit and was convicted on tainted testimony deserves exoneration, lawyer tells top court.

Oct 4, 2022

Md. high court weighs ballistics testimony under new admissibility standard

The Court of Appeals is weighing the continued admissibility of ballistics testimony.

Sep 30, 2022

Dismissal of charges last resort for Brady violations, Md. appeals court says

Maryland's failure to disclose potentially exculpatory evidence requires dismissal of charges only when a new and fair trial is impossible, appeals court says.

Sep 28, 2022

Violation of probation voids expungement bid, Md. appeals court says

A person who violates the terms of probation following a misdemeanor conviction cannot have the conviction expunged, Maryland’s second highest court ruled.

Sep 27, 2022

Religious burden claim against Montgomery County appealed to Supreme Court

Montgomery County landowners are citing a federal law that prohibits government from imposing substantial burdens on religious exercise through land use restrictions.

Sep 22, 2022

Md. Judiciary unveils Barbera’s official portrait, a first for a woman

The official portrait of retired Maryland Court of Appeals Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera is the first of 24 such drawings of the state’s top jurists going back to 1778 to feature a woman.

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